Hosting your online business with Siteground

Getting started with SiteGround

Siteground is great. There I’ve said it. I’ve tried a lot of hosts over the years, both shared and self managed and they are by far the best hosting I’ve come across, hands down. Outside of that, as I’ve mentioned earlier, their customer service is great, as is the price, speed and reliability. You can probably tell I’m a fan, and if you want to try them out, just click the image to the right of this text. Go on, you won’t regret it.

Now let’s get started. On the home page of Siteground, a big sign up button is displayed in the middle of the page. Click that and select the plan that best suits your needs and budget. The GoGeek is the only plan with staging ( great for testing ) and the ability to create a git repository ( good for taking snapshots of your site changes over time ), and has the added advantage of hosting multiple sites.  However at $180 per year, if you’re  just testing the water, it may seem a bit pricey. Personally though, I have a GoGeek plan and will be using that to develop the case study on.

Once you’ve chosen your plan, the wizard will prompt you to enter a domain of your choice. There are a couple of options here; you can choose a new domain, or transfer an existing one, both are a free one off with the setup. As it happens I have an existing domain so I will select the latter.

siteground sign up
siteground plans
siteground domains

The next step is to enter your payment details. I won’t bore you with the details, but will mention that Siteground does have the capacity to retain your credit card details. If you’re not comfortable with that, either contact customer service, try to find an option which disables it or find another host.

Once completed you’re ready to install WordPress. Installation is very easy with the help of cPanel and Softaculous. As a first step, login to your cPanel under the MyAccounts tab in the Siteground dashboard. Scroll down to find the ‘WordPress Installer’ section. Well done.

Siteground - ready to get started
Siteground - myAccounts / cPanel
Siteground - cPanel WordPress Installer

Click on the ‘WordPress Installer’ icon and you’ll be taken to the Softaculous installation page. The first page is an overview, scroll down to the ‘Install’ link and click that. From here we need to choose the url we want the site to be shown at, as well as select the protocol for the site. As we’re building an e-commerce site, select ‘https’. Http stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol which is mainly the way the web is interpreted when sending data between the client ( your computer ) and the server ( the host ). The ‘s’ on ‘https’ stands for secure and adds an extra layer of encrytion.

Siteground Install Now link
Siteground WordPress Admin Details
Siteground select plugins thems
Siteground Advanced Settings and Install

Enter the details for your site. We have the ability to edit anything we see here once the site is installed, so don’t sweat too much over it. You can accept the defaults other than the site name and description to install WordPress. Make sure you copy the admin username and password details to somewhere safe, either on your computer or by writing them down. You are welcome to change these details here; I’ll show you how to edit them via the dashboard as well, so if you’re happy with the defaults, leave them as is. Siteground has a theme and plugin available for installation at this point, ignore it, we will install our own once the site is up.

The advanced section has a couple of fields pertaining to the database, something that you’ll most likely never have to touch, so ignore that section as well. Now, just hit the ‘Install’ button at the bottom.

softaculous progress bar
wordpress installation success
siteground browse home page

You’ll immediately see the installation progress bar, followed by a success page ( providing all the required fields were filled in ). The success page also provides a couple of links to the installation itself and the admin area. You should now be able to see your brand new site at your chosen address. Congratulations! Next we’ll login to the admin area and start customising our site by adding a theme and some plugins.

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