Customising our theme

Following on from the previous article, let’s continue customising our theme, starting with the page layout. Page Layouts represent the structure of your page and are normally one, two or three columns with a header and footer. The column on the left and right is commonly referred to as a sidebar.

In WordPress they are called templates, and each theme will come with it’s own set. To see what templates are available go into Pages → Edit and look to the sidebar on the right. The following screenshots are from the Bloc premium theme and Hueman respectively.

As you can see the options vary per theme, with Bloc offering a range of layouts for your site, Hueman offers just two – a full page layout and another with the sidebar on the right.  Other themes, like Seo Wp don’t offer a choice at all, the default is header, footer with sidebar on the right.


Another area you can look to quickly change the layout of your page is in Appearance → Customise which will lead you to your themes in browser editor.

Using Hueman as an example, currently it has a three column layout with a header and a footer. The sidebar is on the right, and the content in the main area is a grid format. There is also a footer on the bottom, outside of the screen grab. What if we wanted to change the layout to something a little more contemporary, such as the layout below right? And perhaps we only want this layout to be used on the front page? Navigate to Appearance -> Customise -> Main Body Design where you’ll be presented with a number of options. Choose ‘Column layout for Main Content’. I’ve chosen the 2 column layout with the sidebar on the right.

Notice that the primary sidebar ( with the turquoise header ) has moved to the right. If you navigate back to the main customisation menu

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